Feeding process


Place the kitten on its stomach on a soft surface such as a towel at a 45-degree angle and let it nurse until it turns the head. Do not hold the kitten's head back. Tilt the bottle up slightly so the nipple is full of milk. He should automatically begin sucking. However, each kitten responds differently. If the kitten isn't willing to suckle open his mouth gently with your finger and slip the nipple in. Do not panic if the kitten rejects to eat the first time and do not squeeze formula into the mouth.
After each feeding it is necessary to stimulate the elimination reflex by wetting a cotton ball or gauze pad with warm water and massaging the kittens anal and genital areas. You should do this after each feeding for about 3 weeks.
If your kittens have any problems you should immediately call your local veterinarian's office or animal hospital.
It is wise to keep a feeding journal on the kitten, to record the time you are feeding and how much the kitten is eating at each feeding to ensure that it continues to increase in amount eaten, and not decrease at any time.
It's also important to weigh young kittens daily and record the data. If the kitten's weight starts to go down or the amount of milk consumed starts to decrease from normal, then this is a signal that something is wrong with the kitten, before it gets severely ill, and you should pay very close attention and consult your local veterinary.

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