Formula Recipes


Keep all formulas mixed well and kept in tightly sealed jar in the refrigerator. Refrigerate any unused formula and make fresh formula if all not used within 48 hours.
Some recipes call for canned goats milk; if you have it readily available it's fine, otherwise canned evaporated cows' milk works well. If the kitten(s) become constipated add 1 drop of vegetable oil each kitten's formula once per day.

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Fifi said...

*sigh* lost my long. Q.and tips. Again:
Site.says evaporated milk okay, plus a.d. drop of oil if.constipated. What about evaporated ONLY? No added stuff.
Also: no cows milk? Yet recipe.states:
Whole Milk. No elaboration such as goat milk, or even Lactaid Whole Milk.

I am waiting on recipe because n ask I have for powdered

Stephanie Carter said...

I have found two abandoned kittens approx .One day old. I have two nursing mother cats in the house one has week old kittens, other has two week old. It has been a few hours and they will not latch on any ideas

Anonymous said...

You may have to but kitten formula and a dropper and hand feed them